About Me

“I am a culmination of the dreams and hope of my forefathers,

my existence is built on a foundation of love,hope, pain and misery.

I exist as part of a dynamic culture which has created a great nation.

I exist in many forms.

I am the chubby infant crawling across the living room,

I am the little girl running around her mother’s garden,

I am the young adolescent dreaming about a better life,

I am an adult woman basking in knowledge.”

My name is Tanatswa Chivhere and I hail from the mighty nation found between the Zambezi and the Limpopo. I was raised in a nation  famed for its beautiful diamonds and vast desert. I currently reside in a nation applauded for it’s beautiful landscape and diverse people. Not only have I lived in all these countries, but these countries also live within me.

I was raised by a psychologist. Even though I grew up with resistance towards the subject, I managed to pick up a few things along the way. My favourite psychological principle is how your childhood affects your adulthood. Something as simple as potty-training can determine one’s level of self-discipline. I will use this platform to explore how our childhood, especially those troublesome teenage years, taught us multiple valuable lessons.